Beat Auburn Beat Hunger (BABH) is a student-led food drive that takes place in the weeks leading up to the Iron Bowl. The competition between the two schools directly benefits local food banks in Alabama and has a far reaching impact!

BABH’s staff members are integral to beating Auburn and fighting food insecurity in Alabama. They bring enthusiasm, skills, and experiences that make BABH truly amazing. Learn more about the different teams below.


Responsible for all BABH financial information, data, and orders. Oversee tracking of monetary donations (cash, Venmo, and online giving site) and physical donations (delivery receipts to WAFB). Guide and support in getting sponsorships and percentage nights for operating money and donations. Responsible for opening and maintaining modes of communication with all staff and directors regarding weekly events and opportunities. Oversee the internal calendar and points system. Provide opportunities for cause connection for staff members. 

Oversee all designing and development of BABH merchandise in order to collect profits that will count toward the overall goal. Serve as the main point of contact for any suppliers and printing companies for the design and setup of merchandise. Work closely with these suppliers to ensure on-time arrival of all products and contact all customers who purchase BABH merchandise to ensure they receive products in a timely manner. 
Develop a business sponsorship package with donation levels and incentives. Utilize WAFB and BABH’s existing relationships with local businesses to obtain monetary donations and sponsorships as well as create new partnerships. Responsible for scheduling percentage nights at local restaurants and ensuring events run smoothly. 
Manage the point system set in place for membership in BABH. Hold members accountable for attending meetings, events, and fundraising. Responsible for communication with staff members regarding the point system.  

Campus Relations

Responsible for all on-campus partnerships to raise awareness and collect donations. Work with Directors to schedule and attend meetings with important contacts to discuss partnerships, events, and donation ideas. Create competitions and incentives to engage different groups on-campus. 
Develop and maintain partnerships with Colleges, Ambassadors, Dean’s, Advisors, and Faculty. Programming opportunities include college-sponsored percentage nights and developing incentives to encourage donations such as classroom extra credit opportunities with faculty. Assist executive members with setting up opportunities to present about the drive in academic classes
Develop an overall plan with the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life to encourage all greek organizations to support BABH. Lead a team and delegate various chapters to team members in order to maintain strong communication with each chapter and coordinate their involvement with BABH. Lead and plan at least two events with greek life organizations. Preferably one person over sororities and one over fraternities.  

Develop and maintain relationships with various clubs and organizations including but not limited to SOURCE registered clubs, club sports, on-campus housing and honors societies. Responsible for developing ways to educate, create competitions/incentives, and encourage donations from these groups.  


Responsible for all marketing and communication efforts for all BABH sectors. Oversee and publish social media posts, shooting and editing of photos/videos, and designing of graphics. Ensure the website is updated with current information, upcoming events, and staff photos. Oversee and publish staff newsletter every week.  

Develop multiple photography campaigns to be used on social media and other marketing efforts. Oversee Photography Staff members who will be assigned to all BABH events to take pictures and share to the BABH folder. *Photography experience and access to equipment required* 

Lead the planning, development, and creation of multiple videos to be used on social media, the online giving platform, and the website. These videos include promotional, educational, and fun videos to promote donations and events. *Videography and editing experience required* 

Create all graphics necessary for the BABH campaign including educational infographics, event graphics, weekly goal announcements, and more. Work closely with the Marketing ATL to ensure all posts are created and shared in a timely manner. Create a form for graphic submission requests to be shared with all sectors. *Design and editing experience required; skills in Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop* 

Plan all social media campaigns to encourage donations, exposure, and/or interaction with BABH throughout the drive. Ensure that the website is updated with current information, upcoming events, and staff photos. Work with Marketing ATL to post content on various social media platforms. Assist Marketing ATL with the weekly newsletter.  

Community Involvement

Responsible for all off-campus and community partnerships to raise awareness and collect donations. Work with Directors to schedule and attend meetings with important contacts to discuss partnerships, events, incentives, and donation ideas. Guide and support neighborhood drives in logistical, marketing, and collection efforts. 
Develop programming and establish communication with UA Alumni chapters throughout the country. Assist in setting up competitions with Auburn Alumni chapters in various cities and offer additional support where needed and work closely with the staff at Alumni Hall at UA. Connect with BABH alumni to gather additional support for the drive.  
Work closely with community groups such as non-profits, local businesses, apartments, and more. Develop programming, event ideas, competitions, and incentives to encourage local groups to donate food and monetary donations. Work closely with the Logistics team to coordinate barrels throughout the community (apartments, businesses, etc.). 
Lead the logistical operations, preparing bags/flyers, distributions and pick-up of donation bags. Work closely with the marketing team to design a flyer for the bag and implement a marketing plan for the community. 

Work closely with local elementary, middle, and high schools to encourage food donations. Contact each of the schools regularly to offer support, fun ideas, and retrieval of any food donations. Work closely with the Logistics team to coordinate barrels at schools. 


Lead and coordinate events throughout BABH including Kickoff, Homecoming, Hunger Banquet, Push Week, and Community events. Oversee four Directors and staff members to plan events and tabling efforts throughout the campaign. Responsible for planning, scheduling, and registering all weekly tabling dates and times throughout the drive. 

Work collaboratively alongside the Outreach ATL to oversee the outreach committee and help plan events throughout the campaign.  

    • Kickoff: Lead operations, planning, and logistics for the BABH Kickoff event on Sept 30, 2021. 
    • Homecoming: Responsible for finding and creating opportunities for BABH to advertise and collect donations during the week of Homecoming. 
    • Hunger Banquet: Lead and plan the Hunger Banquet, an educational event in which students are able to see the direct effect of income on a dinner plate.  
    • Community Events: Lead and plan at least one large community event to generate awareness of BABH and donations. 
Responsible for handling logistics of scheduling staff and the creation of weekly unique tabling events (ex. Push Week, Tell Hunger to Suck It, etc) Tabling includes setting up the table with tablecloth, decorations, and flyers; handing out flyers to educate, encourage donations, and promote events.  


Responsible for all barrel logistics including barrel inventory, barrel preparation (paint, flyers, etc.), barrel placements, barrel assignments, and barrel deliveries. 
Responsible for checking on barrel inventory, handling/tracking donation receipts, and requesting WAFB to order replacements if needed. Work closely with the Director of Locations to ensure full barrels are being emptied and delivered throughout the drive. Work closely with all sectors to maintain accurate inventory, locations, and delivery of barrels and donations. 
Responsible for assigning staff members, via a Qualtrics form, barrels to check on, empty content, and deliver to the WAFB throughout the drive. Work closely with the Director of Barrels to ensure full barrels are being emptied and delivered throughout the drive. Work closely with all sectors to maintain accurate inventory, locations, and delivery of barrels and donations.

Liaison between BABH and the food bank. Communicate with the food bank to advocate and share their mission with the BABH team. Coordinate when BABH staff serves at the food bank. In charge of coordinating all volunteer activities. Plan and execute the Week of Service that occurs mid-drive.