Founded in 1987, the West Alabama Food Bank (WAFB) is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit dedicated to fighting hunger and food insecurity in the nine counties of West Alabama. The WAFB is a member of the Alabama Food Bank Association and an affiliate of the Feeding America national network.

Who they serve

The West Alabama Food Bank serves a nine-county area including Bibb, Fayette, Greene, Hale, Lamar, Marion, Pickens, Sumter, and Tuscaloosa. You can learn more about poverty and food insecurity in these counties and the State of Alabama by looking at the Hunger Statistics page.

How they serve

The West Alabama Food Bank collects surplus and salvageable food from local grocery stores as well as donated food from food processing and manufacturing facilities. Then they distribute the food to non-profit agencies who purchase this food from the food bank at a highly discounted rate and distribute it to those in need in their communities. It is estimated that every dollar spent by an agency at the WAFB would purchase $12.25 worth of food at retail prices.

How to support the WAFB

Amazon Smile: Your Amazon account can be linked to the WAFB and .5% of your order totals will be donated

Volunteer: Contact Beat Auburn Beat Hunger about individuals/groups helping to collect barrels during the campaign

Online Donations: Beat Auburn Beat Hunger or the West Alabama Food Bank

Contact the WAFB

Location: 3160 McFarland Boulevard Northport, AL 35476

Phone: 205-333-5353