Bailey Chandler

Coordinator and Advisor
Center for Service and Leadership

Carrie West

Center for Service and Leadership

Picture of Courtney Charland

Courtney Charland

Center for Service and Leadership

Picture of Taylor Ragan

Taylor Ragan

Vice President of Administration

Picture of Madison Redmill

Madison Redmill

Vice President of Finance

Picture of Sarah Quick

Sarah Quick

Vice President of Campus Partnerships

Alexis Mathieu

Vice President of Events

Picture of Madison Green

Madison Green

Vice President of Marketing

Sarah Cole

Co-Vice President of Logistics

Kourtney Wadkins

Co-Vice President of Logistics

Picture of Abby Holtzclaw

Abby Holtzclaw

Director of Merchandise

Picture of Alyssa Aiello

Alyssa Aiello

Co-Director of Homecoming Relations

Austin Rhines

Director of Academic Relations

Picture of Charlie Gay

Charlie Gay

Co-Director of Kickoff

Claire Fecteau

Director of Community Events

Daniel Stover

Director of Metrics

Picture of Delia Smith

Delia Smith

Director of Alumni Relations

Picture of Emilee Ellis

Emilee Ellis

Director of Neighborhood Food Drives

Picture of Jeannie Wise

Jeannie Wise

Director of Graphic Design

Katie Judson

Co-Director of Kickoff

Picture of Kaylyn Kirksey

Kaylyn Kirksey

Director of Sponsorships

Picture of Kevin Anderson

Kevin Anderson

Director of Housing Relations

Kimberly Florence

Director of Public Relations

Picture of Logan Lundgren

Logan Lundgren

Director of Online Giving

Picture of Mary Elizabeth Wentling

Mary Elizabeth Wentling

Director of Community Group Relations

Mary Grace Roden

Director of School Relations

Picture of Mecca Brewer

Mecca Brewer

Co-Director of Homecoming Relations

Picture of Nick Fairbairn

Nick Fairbairn

Director of Photography

Nick Ferlisi

Director of Videography

Picture of Olivia Van Praag

Olivia Van Praag

Director of Sorority Relations

Sara Davis

Director of Sponsorships

Picture of Spencer Silveus

Spencer Silveus

Director of Fraternity Relations

Tiara Wiltshire

Director of Special Events

Picture of Tori Hicks

Tori Hicks

Director of Outreach

Picture of Walker Sewell

Walker Sewell

Director of Publications

Picture of Warren Martin

Warren Martin

Director of Club & Organization Relations